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Friedrich (sometimes Federico/Fritz/Fredrick/Frederick) Wilhelm Butterlin was born in Cologne, Germany, on 30 November 1904, and was the middle of three brothers (Otto was older, Ernesto younger). He died in Tlajamulco de Zuñiga on 27 December 1981; his remains rest in the municipal cemetery.

Friedrich was a well-known photographer and seems to have been the owner of what was almost certainly one of the first art galleries in Ajijic.

Girls belonging to the Old Colony (Saskatchewan) Mennonites moving to Mexico. Photo by Frederick Butterlin ca 1948

Girls belonging to the Old Colony (Saskatchewan) Mennonites moving to Mexico. Photo by Frederick Butterlin ca 1948

In November 1935, “Fritz Butterlin” gave a keynote address on pictorial art in photography, based on observations made on “his long trips”, at the Club Literario de Inglés in Guadalajara. Friedrich knew several languages, and later in his life, taught English and other languages privately, and worked as a translator for the Mazapán de la Rosa candy factory.

Friedrich’s photographic career spanned several decades. His published photos include some evocative portrait photographs of Mennonites in Mexico published in the Mennonite Life editions of October 1949 and January 1952.

In 1956, Butterlin, working for “Exclusivas Jimenez SA de CV” placed a series of advertisements in El Informador recommending the use of “ADOX” film for photography.

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  1. check these and check el informador hemeroteca year 1951 he was a translator also.

    • Thanks for that information and link. We will be updating the post about Frederick W. Butterlin, and other members of his family, in due course. Your help in sending us the link is very much appreciated, Saludos, Tony

  2. Death date december 27th of 1981
    Tlajomulco de Zúñiga jalisco México
    His remains still at the municipal cementery

    • Iván, Thanks for the valuable additional information. I’m replying properly via email. Saludos, TB.

  3. We knew that the bird date was 1901 not 1905

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