Oct 172019
An art workshop in Ajijic was pivotal to the artistic success of Jorge Fick (1932-2004)

In the early 1950s, Ajijic was a center for art classes marketed primarily in the U.S. The classes and workshops attracted a wide diversity of painters of equally varied artistic backgrounds. Several of the young students studying in Ajijic at that time went on to forge stellar careers in the art world. We looked at […]

Oct 102019
The visionary guru Edmond Szekely lived and wrote at Lake Chapala in the 1970s

Hungarian-born natural living experimenter Edmond Szekely (1905-1979), founder of the International Biogenic Society, lived and wrote at Lake Chapala during the 1970s. He was the author of more than 80 books, some in Hungarian, some in English, some translated into Spanish, and sometimes using the name Edmond S. Bordeaux. Szekely was born in Máramarossziget in […]

Oct 032019
Sylvia Fein turns 100: major retrospective of her work at Berkeley Museum of Art

Sylvia Fein, one of America’s foremost surrealist painters, lived and painted in Ajijic from 1943 to 1946 and is celebrating her 100th birthday this year. Fein has been  an enthusiastic supporter of my efforts to document the history of the artistic community of Lake Chapala, and her encouragement for this project is very much appreciated. […]

Sep 262019
Luis Arceo Preciado

Prior to 1908, when the south-eastern part of Lake Chapala was drained for agriculture, the town of Sahuayo was very close to the shore of the lake. Sahuayo is where Mexican poet Luis Arceo Preciado was born on 24 January 1926. Arceo, one of eight siblings, died there in 2018. According to his biography in […]

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Sep 192019
Sid Miller retired to Ajijic in 1982 to paint and sculpt

Accomplished amateur artist Sid Miller painted and sculpted in Ajijic from 1982 to shortly before his death in 1998. His work was included in numerous local exhibitions, alongside that of friends such as Georg Rauch and Peter and Carole D’Addio. Miller was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1912 to a Lithuanian Jewish couple who […]

Sep 052019
Early stereoscopic photos of Lake Chapala

This post looks at the small number of early stereoscopic photo pairs of Chapala that have come to light. A stereoscopic pair of photos is obtained by taking the same picture twice, but from slightly different positions, akin to the two slightly different views from your left eye and right eye, respectively. When a stereo […]

Aug 292019
Best-selling author James Patterson mentioned Chapala in his very first novel.

James Patterson, whose books have sold more than 300,000,000 copies worldwide, incorporated a mention of Lake Chapala into his very first novel, The Thomas Berryman Affair, published in 1976, when he was 29 years of age. James Brendan Patterson was born in Newburgh, New York, on 22 March 1947. He graduated with a B.A. in […]

Aug 222019
Frédèric Faideau and his remarkable photos of Lake Chapala in the early 1920s

French-born photographer Frédèric Faideau (1880-1954) took some remarkable photos of Lake Chapala in the early 1920s. Unlike the commercial postcard photographers and publishers who portrayed the Chapala area and its inhabitants at that time, Faideau was an unpaid amateur. It is precisely because his photographs had no commercial or monetary motivation that they are so […]

Aug 082019
Raphael and Vee Greno, multi-talented artists who lived in Ajijic in the 1970s

Among the many non-professional artists who found creativity while living in Ajijic, Raphael Greno deserves a special mention. Greno completed several striking woodcuts of subjects rarely depicted by other artists. How he acquired his skill is unclear but the end results are high quality and speak for themselves. To date, four woodcuts by Greno have […]

Aug 012019
Juan Pablo Guzmán's novel El Gran Chapo won the 1950 Premio Jalisco

The novel El gran Chapa, by Juan Pablo Guzmán Alemán, was awarded the first ever Premio Jalisco for literature in 1950 and was published the following year. The distinguished jury that selected El Gran Chapa was comprised of Mariano Azuela, Enrique González Martínez, Agustín Yáñez, José Cornejo Franco, José R. Benítez and José Ruiz Medrano. […]

Jul 252019
Does anyone have a painting by Lucius Seymour Bigelow, who painted Lake Chapala in the 1960s?

Lucius Seymour Bigelow Jr. (1900-1978), an artist known for his fine watercolors, spent part of his three years roaming Mexico in the 1960s at Lake Chapala. While in Mexico, he held solo exhibitions at the Instituto Mexicano-Norteamericano in Mexico City and at the Casa de Cultura in Guadalajara, which included paintings of Lake Chapala. Remarkably, […]

Jul 182019
Las batallas del general (novel by Martín Casillas)

Martín Casillas de Alba‘s second novel, Las batallas del general, was published in 2002 as the second in a proposed trilogy about Lake Chapala. The first novel in the series was Confesiones de Maclovia (1995), the third novel remains unpublished. Inspired by the life of General Ramón Corona, born near Tuxcueca on the southern shore […]

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Jul 112019
Lake Chapala's bit part for special effects: In Harm's Way (1965)

Lake Chapala – the lake itself – played an important bit part in the filming of the 1965 movie In Harm’s Way. The movie, an epic Panavision war film, was John Wayne’s last black-and-white film. The movie’s cast, besides John Wayne, included Kirk Douglas, Patricia Neal, Henry Fonda, Stanley Holloway and Larry Hagman, among many […]

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Jul 042019
Confesiones de Maclovia (novel by Martín Casillas)

Confesiones de Maclovia, Martín Casillas de Alba‘s first novel, was inspired by the life of his grandmother who lived much of her adult life in Chapala, including several years in the Hotel Nido, prior to her death in October 1933. Some seventy years later, the novel’s author-narrator travels to Chapala in the hopes of unraveling […]

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Jun 272019
Clique Ajijic: an art collective in the mid-1970s

The Clique Ajijic was a group of eight varied and talented artists who formed a loosely-organized collective for three or four years in the mid-1970s. One of the members, Synnove Pettersen, recalls that “We never painted together as a group, just had shows.” Another member, the late Tom Faloon, once commented to me that Kate […]

Jun 202019
Mexican author Martín Casillas de Alba has written several books related to Lake Chapala

Martín Casillas de Alba, whose published works range from journalism and non-fiction to Shakespearean analysis, has published several Spanish language books related to Chapala, including two outstanding full-length novels. His family has lengthy and important connections to Chapala. His grandfather was the architect Guillermo de Alba (1874-1935). Between 1895 and 1920, de Alba designed numerous […]

Jun 132019
Painter and lithographer Richard Frush worked in Ajijic in the 1970s

Pioneering lithographer Richard Frush (1951-2008) painted in Ajijic in the 1970s. Richard Wayne Frush, associated with Tucson, Arizona, and Taos, New Mexico, was born in Colorado on 17 February 1951. His parents, Donald W. and Virginia Frush, owned and operated the Trinidad Coca-Cola Bottling Company in that state for many years. Richard was one of […]

Jun 062019
Juan Pablo Guzmán, author of a prize-winning novel about Lake Chapala

Juan Pablo Guzmán, a renowned Guadalajara physician, wrote several books, including a novel – El gran Chapa – set at Lake Chapala. We will take a closer look at the novel, which won the inaugural Premio Jalisco for literature in 1950, and offers valuable insights into lakeside communities and culture, in a separate post. In […]

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