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The artist Sid Sklar exhibited at Lake Chapala in April 1989. He and his wife, Trudy, lived for several years in Chapala and Ajijic. The images show two very different works by this artist. I have been unable to pin down any biographical details about Sid Sklar, so I’m hoping that some alert reader will supply me with more clues about his  life and work.

Sklar’s 1989 exhibit was at the Art Studio Gallery in San Antonio Tlayacapan, a gallery run by Luisa Julian de Arechiga and her husband. The brief note about the exhibit suggests that Sklar lived in Guadalajara.

Sid Sklar. Undated. Untitled.

Sid Sklar. Undated. Untitled.

I have found only tiny snippets of information related to Sid (presumably Sidney) Sklar, though am unable to say whether or not they necessarily refer to the same person. There are three or four people in the U.S. who would have been about the right age at the time, living in several different states.

[Note that there is also another Sid Sklar who was also an artist; he was a visually-impaired artist who was one of the first people in the world to have a successful cornea transplant (in the early 1940s). That Sid Sklar started painting watercolors in the 1990s, following a terrible accident when he was hit at a toll booth by a hit-and-run driver. His extraordinary story has been told by journalist Beverly Antel.]

Sid Sklar. 1973. Untitled.

Sid Sklar. 1973. Untitled.

The first of the two Sidney Sklar references that may refer to the right person comes from Baltimore in 1976, where a review of a show of works by members of Artists Equity at the Turner Auditorium Gallery of the Johns Hopkins Medical School included “Midsummer”, in which “Sidney Sklar exhibits masterful control over batik.”

The second reference comes from Ottawa, Canada, in 1981. A display ad for a new collection of jewelry on sale at The Bay (Hudson’s Bay Company) in Ottawa lists a Sid Sklar among the designers of the “The Signature Collection by Universe International.”

Sid and Trudy Sklar left Lake Chapala and moved to Spokane, Washington, to be closer to their family. The Sidney David Sklar, born in Wisconsin in 1924, who died in Spokane in 2015, may have been the artist in question. That Sidney Sklar was 6’1″ tall and had three siblings: Rose, Benjamin and Shirley.


My thanks to Ricardo Santana for bringing Sid Sklar to my attention and for his kind permission to reproduce the images used in this post. My thanks also to readers who have sent comments helping to improve this post, especially to Arq. Sotirios Lambros.


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  7 Responses to “Art Mystery: Sid Sklar exhibited at Lake Chapala in 1989”

  1. Hello! My father was the Sidney Sklar you mentioned who was the corneal transplant recipient in 1941, and who had the hit and run accident while working on the PA Turnpike. I can confirm that these two paintings were not created by him, as most of his works were landscapes and seascapes in a different style.

    Best regards,
    Harry Sklar

    • Hello Harry. Thanks for taking the time to write. Your father was clearly a very remarkable man, even if he did not paint the two “Sid Sklar” paintings I have seen. The mystery continues but your input has at least ended one line of enquiry. Thanks again for your help, TB.

  2. I kwew Sid Sklar since I was a child, and I can confirm that this painting was made by him. Sid and his wife Trudy, where friends of my fathers, for a long time before they move to Chapala, they rent a house of my family. They where always kind specialy Trudy. If you search for Leland Sklar, you will find more answers.
    Yes, I remember those paintins hanging from the wall back then when he rents my faters house.

    • Thanks for your comments, for confirming the authorship of the paintings and for the mention of Leland Sklar. Exciting to learn of the link between Sid Sklar and such a famous musician. Also, how fantastic that you actually remember the paintings on the walls of your father’s house! Are you able to give me some idea of when Sid and Trudy were living in Guadalajara and when they moved to Chapala? Were they living in Chapala or in Ajijic? Thanks in advance for any further information you can share, Regards, Tony

  3. Sorry for the late replay. I think they star to rent my fathers house in 1987-1988 (I moved from that house when I was 10 years old). Last time I saw Sid, I was in University. As I studied Architecture (1996-2001), he ask me to give him some advise about a hosue somebody where selling to him in Chapala. The house was completely damage but after that he told my mother that they where living somewhere at the riviera. I think my mother should have some pictures of Sd and Trudy, and I´m sure there where pictures of their grandhildrens, I don´t remember their names.

    • I wrote to Lee, and he told me that Sid and Trudy moved from Chapala to Spokane, Washington to be closer to their family and both past away.

    • Thanks for the updated information, and for helping to improve this website.

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