Feb 272020
Michael Baxte painted in Ajijic in the 1940s

Artists Michael Baxte (1900-1972) and his wife, Violette Mège (1889-1968), lived in Mexico City for decades and visited Ajijic several times during the 1940s. Baxte and his wife were near neighbors in Mexico City of Helen Kirtland and her family. After her marriage ended, Kirtland moved to Ajijic with her three young children and founded […]

Feb 202020
Zoe Kernick has given us a detailed description of Ajijic in 1950

What was Ajijic like 70 years ago? Well, a recently-found article by Zoe Kernick  in Mexican Life gives us some tantalizing glimpses into life in the village back then. A single overly-long sentence sets the scene and hints at some of the conflicts and contradictions that life in the village, even then, entailed: For the […]

Feb 132020
Algerian-born painter Violette Mège painted Ajijic in the 1940s

Artists Violette Mège (1889-1968) and her husband, Michael Baxte (1900-1972), lived in Mexico City for decades and visited Ajijic several times during the 1940s. Mège and her husband were near neighbors in Mexico City of Helen Kirtland and her family. After her marriage ended, Kirtland moved to Ajijic with her three young children and founded […]

Feb 062020
Katharine Goodridge Ingram spent her childhood in Ajijic in the 1940s

Language educator and writer Katharine (“Katie”) Goodridge Ingram was born in Mexico City on 23 June 1938 to American parents. Her father, Ezra Read Goodridge, was a rare book dealer and her mother, Helen Kirtland, a fashion designer. Katie spent her early childhood in Mexico City. In the mid-1940s, when her parents’ marriage came to […]

Jan 302020
Acclaimed expressionist painter Abby Rubinstein lived in Ajijic from 1966 to 1976

Acclaimed expressionist artist Abby Rubinstein (née Addis) and her second husband, Jules, also an accomplished artist, lived in Ajijic from 1966 to 1976. Abby S Addis was born in Brooklyn, New York, on 6 August 1928. In 1945, at age 15, Abby was accepted on a scholarship into the Brooklyn Museum Art School, where famous […]

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Jan 232020
Clifford Gessler and the "Haunted Lake" of Chapala in 1941

American journalist, poet and author Clifford Gessler included a chapter about Chapala in Pattern of Mexico, published in 1941. The chapter was reproduced, as “The Haunted Lake,” in Mexican Life the following year. Relatively little is known about Gessler. He was born in Milton Junction, Wisconsin, on 9 November 1893 and died in Berkeley, California, […]

Jan 092020

Among the amorous beauties who enlivened the party scene in Ajijic in the early 1950s is one who is particularly noteworthy: Zoe Kernick (1915-2006). Born on 21 May 1915 in Oakland, California, Dorothy Zoe Kernick was raised by her mother, Dorothy E Copeland, and stepfather, George Arthur Kernick. Zoe attended Occidental College, a private liberal […]

Jan 022020
Jocotepec-based photographer Helmuth Wellenhofer and his images of Mexican railroads

German engineer and photographer Helmuth A. Wellenhofer lived with his wife, Antonia (“Toni”) in Jocotepec for many years in the 1970s. Helmut (as he was known in Mexico) was born in Bavaria in 1935. After completing his studies, he worked in a fashion house, became interested in literature, modern art and music, and founded a […]

Dec 262019
Volkmar Wentzel photographed Lake Chapala for a 1967 National Geographic article

Volkmar Wentzel photographed Lake Chapala for a 1967 National Geographic article by Bart McDowell entitled “The Most Mexican City, Guadalajara.” Wentzel, a German-American photographer, took some striking photos. Volkmar Kurt Wentzel was born on 8 February 1915 and died on 10 May 2006. After studying photography at the Corcoran School of Art he became a […]

Dec 192019
A Christmas Potpourri of Lake Chapala Links

A number of artists and authors associated with Lake Chapala have clear links to Christmas. Admittedly, some links are more tenuous than others. Here, in no particular order, are a few of those that come to mind: German-born photographer Hugo Brehme, who  photographed Lake Chapala, and many of whose superb black-and-white postcard images are hauntingly […]

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Dec 122019
Bethel Young fell in love at Lake Chapala in 1941

Bethel Young extolled the virtues of Chapala in 1941 in an article entitled “In Mexico”, published in Mexican Life. In the article, she claimed to have fallen in love three times in the 37 days that she and her husband, Lafayette Young III, had spent in Mexico: first with the inscrutable Indian housemaid employed by […]

Nov 282019
William Bentz Plagemann included several mentions of Ajijic and Chapala in his novel "The heart of silence"

William Bentz Plagemann was a prolific American author, who was born in Springield, Ohio, in 1913 and died in New York in 1991. He wrote both fiction and non-fiction and his career as an author spanned half a century from 1941 to 1990. Plagemann spent a year in Mexico in the mid-1960s, shortly before writing […]

Nov 212019
Francisco González Ruvalcaba painted Lake Chapala in the 1880s

Francisco González Rubalcaba y Cabo wrote and illustrated a short book about Lake Chapala in the 1880s. His charming naïf illustrations may not be fine art but are some of the earliest paintings known of the lake. What is more, Rubalcaba did not paint only the village of Chapala (as so many other artists have […]

Nov 142019
Vitold de Szyszlo visited Chapala market in 1910

Among the very few early images of Chapala that depict village people going about their everyday lives, is this postcard from about 1910 entitled (on its reverse side) “Chapala. Un mercado en México – Mexican market.” The postcard was published by Juan Kaiser. Given that Kaiser lived in Guadalajara, he was somewhat loose with his […]

Nov 062019
Rose Georgina Kingsley (1845-1925)

Rose Georgina Kingsley (1845-1925) was the oldest child of the Rev. Charles Kingsley, the celebrated English clergyman and novelist, who contributed the prologue to her book South by west or winter in the Rocky Mountains and spring in Mexico. Rose Kingsley had crossed the Atlantic to Colorado Springs in November 1871 to join her brother, […]

Oct 312019
Chicago gallery pioneer Stanley Sourelis and his encaustic paintings

Stanley George Sourelis, who was born in Chicago on 26 June 1925 and died in Dallas on 27 December 2006, was a chemical engineer and versatile artist who lived his final years in Ajijic. He was constantly experimenting. In his early artistic career he painted portraits, abstract oils and produced hundreds of charcoal drawings. During […]

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Oct 242019
Pioneering female travel writer Marie Wright visited Chapala at the start of the 20th century

Marie Robinson Wright (1853-1914) was the author of two non-fiction books about Mexico, the first published in 1897 and the second in 1911. The later book includes a short description of Lake Chapala and an early photo of the shoreline villas as seen from the lake. Born in Newnan, Georgia, on 4 May 1853 to […]

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