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The Clique Ajijic was a group of eight artists that existed as a loosely-organized collective in Ajijic for three or four years in the mid-1970s. Many of the photos of Clique Ajijic artists and their paintings were taken by John Frost, the artist-photographer who was a long-time resident of Jocotepec. The photo below (believed to be by Frost) shows several members of the Clique Ajijic, together with family and friends, at the opening of a show in Galería OM in Guadalajara in October 1975.

Clique Ajijic artists at opening of show at Galeria OM, November 1975

Clique Ajijic artists at opening of show at Galeria OM, October 1975

The Galería OM was co-owned by Enrique Lázaro and Alejandro Colunga.

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  1. Adolfo Riestra is “G” in the photo, not “C”.

    • Dear Wendy, Thanks! My apologies for the error; I’ve corrected the post and photograph. I would sack the proof-reader but I’ve just remembered that was me! Best wishes, Tony.

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